Small bathrooms seem to plague many homes in the United States. While you may desire a larger bathroom later on in the future, you may not have the option to do it right now. We understand. In that case, making a small bathroom feel larger is the next best solution.

Making a small bathroom feel larger is inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of time. In most cases, these options can be performed on a budget or over a long period of time. Don’t worry about doing them all at once, especially when on a budget! Follow the tips below in making your bathroom feel bigger than it really is:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The mirror in your bathroom is a great place to start. There are many aspects with its placement and features that can help make your bathroom feel larger. The first thing you can try is to choose to mirror the entirety of one wall rather than having a small mirror over the vanity. Sometimes, with the right lighting and the bathroom door open, it can really make your bathroom feel like it’s expanding.

If mirroring an entire wall isn’t something you’d enjoy, try backlighting the mirror. In some cases, light fixtures can make small bathrooms feel cramped. Adding lights from behind the mirror will help you save on space and even give you a chic look you may be wanting.

Shower Door (Or Lack Thereof)

Your shower door or curtain may be a reason your bathroom feels so small. Glazed shower doors add a barrier to spaces within your bathroom. We recommend switching to a clear glass shower door. It will open up your bathroom to more space. On the other hand, you can make your small bathroom feel larger by removing the shower door entirely. A well-placed drain and low-slope floor can really make this choice perfect!

Glass Shower Door to make small bathroom feel larger

If you do wish to keep the shower curtain, then raise the bar to the ceiling! It will make your small bathroom seem larger and taller! This method helps make the walls seem taller than they are, which is what you are looking for in a smaller bathroom.

Choose Colors Wisely

The colors you put on your bathroom walls will significantly impact its feeling. We recommend you choose light and bright colors such as mint, baby blue, or even white. Lighter colors reflect light which helps open up a space. You should always avoid red, gold, or muddy browns or greens. These colors make your bathroom seem smaller or give effects to the small bathroom you do not desire.

To make your small bathroom feel larger, you can always go in the opposite route of bright and light colors: dark. Dark colors can make your bathroom seem smaller, but they can have the opposite effect when used correctly. If your small bathroom has no window, try painting it black. Select a really dark color with a high gloss to reflect some light in the space.

Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger With Professionals

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