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Expert Roofing & Remodeling is a quality roofing service operating in Texas and the surrounding areas. With so many Flower Mound roofing contractors operating in the area, what sets our contractors apart is the courteous customer service that we offer. We do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are left satisfied with all the services they get from us. 

Our team is always at your disposal to answer all the questions you may have about our services. We walk you through the entire process so you understand all the steps and are able to make the right decision for your roofs.

Flower Mound Roofing Contractors Services

Our Flower Mound roofing services are specially designed to keep your roofs 100% functional and your property protected from the elements.

Our roofing services include:

1. Roof Inspections

The most common reason why people replace their roofs is because of irreparable damage. That’s why our roofing experts recommend getting your roofs inspected twice a year. Timely roof inspections reveal any minor or major roof damage, and you end up getting them repaired right away. Our roofing contractors fix any of the roof damage identified during an inspection before that damage becomes serious.

2. Roof Installations

Installing a new roof and replacing your old roof are two different processes because a roof installation involves laying out all the groundwork for the roof to be installed. Whereas roof replacement is just replacing your old roof with a new one. Our roofing contractors services carry out the decking and laying out of roofing materials before they actually install the roof. You may need a roof installation if you are building a new house.

3. Roof Replacements

A roof replacement becomes essential when the damage on your roof is irreparable. Our roofs are exposed to outside elements all day and night, taking all the blows for us. Over time, these roofs get damaged and are unable to withstand the weather and other environmental factors. If you don’t get a damaged roof replaced as soon as possible, your roof will face substantial damage such as mold growth and may even come falling down on you.

4. Roof Maintenance

The average lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs is 15-30 years, but not all roofs last 30 years because people do not usually maintain or get their roofs inspected every year. This negligence cuts down the lifespan of your roofs, and they end up having to get their roofs replaced.

Our Flower Mound roofing experts offer roof maintenance services to inspect and repair your roofs timely. Become a part of our roof maintenance programs and enjoy a stress-free life knowing that your roof is in good condition.

5. Roof Repairs

In most cases of roof damage, you don’t really need a roof replacement. A roof repair from an expert will fix the damage. Always be on the lookout for problems in your roof so you can get them repaired right away before they become a serious problem.

You should always lookout for signs of water damage, leaks, broken or missing shingles, and damaged gutters. These problems can easily be fixed if the damage is identified early. So if you notice any signs of roof damage, get in touch with our roofing contractors immediately, and we will repair your roofs right away.

brown roof inspected by our Flower Mound roofing contractors

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