Are you on the lookout for ways to enhance your property’s value and curb appeal in the most time and cost-efficient manner in Duncanville? Bathroom remodeling is the perfect solution for increased ROIs when you have limited time and money. So if you’re on the lookout for remodeling contractors to help you turn your vision for a new bathroom into a reality, Expert Roofing & Remodeling has got you covered! From our expert roofing services to entire home remodeling, we can help you with anything you have in mind.

Duncanville Bathroom Remodeling

Our Duncanville bathroom remodeling services include assessing the current infrastructure and planning the new bathroom design to meet your changing needs and requirements. We are more than your average bathroom remodeling contractors; we are your partners in making your dreams a reality!

Our team of highly experienced contractors will work with and for you each step of the way to ensure that everything exceeds your expectations and wows you with pleasant surprises. We will take care of all the following aspects of the Duncanville bathroom remodeling:

  • Design
  • Storage space and cabinets
  • Lighting and fixtures
  • Plumbing and ventilation
  • Shower and tub installation
  • Countertop and hardware installation
  • Faucet or sink installation
  • Flooring and wall remodeling
  • Repainting the walls


The Most Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Costs in Town

Whether you want to go for a modern bathroom design or a sleek and spacious look, we can help you find the most reliable and efficient materials for your Duncanville bathroom remodeling project. The bathroom remodeling costs depend on several factors, including the surface area to be covered, the materials used, and the type of plumbing/electrical services required. However, our attractive financing options have funded 100% of some clients’ bathroom remodeling projects. So, feel free to discuss any financing needs that you might want to opt for.

Long-Lasting Benefits for You and Your Family

An increased ROI, curb appeal, and value are only a few well-known benefits of our Duncanville bathroom remodeling services. But did you know such processes also help eliminate the chances of mold and mildew infestations? Additionally, an efficient bathroom remodeling process can also help eliminate hefty costs associated with replacements and repairs. Additionally, you can also declutter your bathroom and increase your storage space through this process.

We can also help you make your home more eco-friendly with recyclable, biodegradable, low-tox, and energy-efficient materials. And that’s not all! With our remodeling contractors, you can reclaim your space and rebuild rooms to match your design aesthetics and preferences.

Other Remodeling and Roofing Services You Can Schedule

Bathroom remodeling is only a part of all the services we provide in Duncanville. Our team of highly experienced contractors is fully licensed, insured, certified, and adequately experienced to provide full home remodeling services, including gutter repair and installation. Expert Roofing & Remodeling also provides the best roofing services in Texas! You can book a schedule for any of the following roofing needs: 

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof replacement
  • New roof installation
Our Duncanville bathroom remodeling will turn your vision into reality.

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Your bathroom should be one of the most sanitary, well-ventilated, and spacious rooms of your home. If you think your current bathroom design doesn’t reflect your personal choices, we can help you start from scratch! Give us a call now at (469) 809-6160, or contact us via email to take advantage of a free estimate on our Duncanville bathroom remodeling services. Let us help you rebuild your dream home and make your house the talk of the neighborhood!