Roof Inspections

Caring for your roof requires more than just necessary roof repairs and replacements. It is important for you to inspect and maintain your roof on a regular basis. In order to get the most out of your roof, you must perform a roof inspection. We recommend inspecting your roof twice a year alongside one professional inspection every year.

Regular inspections help catch any problems that may develop during the year. With only one roof inspection, a small problem can develop into a serious issue throughout the year. Personal inspections twice a year and professional inspections help catch anything that may arise with your roof.

Professional inspections are crucial since a roofing contractors performs them. Our Dallas roofers can closely examine your roof to provide a detailed report about its health. Any types of problems will be well documented for your knowledge. Don’t wait for your roof to present a problem; have your roof regularly inspected with our services.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections

Expert Roofing & Remodeling doesn’t like to cut corners or lie to clients. During our roof inspections, you receive detailed information regarding the state of your roof. You shouldn’t have to take our word for it. Instead, you should have evidence which is why we offer a detailed report upon completion. Our roof inspections include the following areas:

  • State of shingles; cracking, curling, blistering
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked or missing flashing
  • Cracked or missing vent boots
  • Mold, moss, and algae growth
  • Gutters
  • Granule loss
  • Signs of moisture in the attic
  • Structural and workmanship details

Inspecting each listed item is important for helping in the care and maintenance of your roof. As we have mentioned already, your receive a detailed report on the state of your roof. It will have information regarding the problems and our recommendations on how to address them.

A professional roof inspection is a great choice for most homeowners since some roof problems require a trained eye. During your personal inspections, you may overlook a problem. An annual professional inspection will help catch anything you may have missed and would be a great educational moment for your next personal inspection.

Try Our Roof Maintenance Program

Instead of scheduling yearly inspections on your own, enroll in our roof maintenance program. When you enroll in our program, you can forget about scheduling an inspection and let our team handle the time and date. We will handle the inspection and scheduling so that you don’t have to worry about it. Give our team a call today or visit our roof maintenance page for more details.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have a roof inspection?

You should have your roof inspected twice a year. You can always perform regular inspections on your own, but we recommend a professional inspection twice a year to identify any repairs needed or areas that may be problematic later down the road.

How long does a roof inspection take?

A professional roof inspection will take at least 45 minutes to complete. Larger, more complex roofs will take longer.

What does a roof inspections consist of?

During your roof inspection, our Dallas roofer will thoroughly look over the following qualities of your roof:

  • Overall exterior and interior appearance
  • Check for any damage (granule loss, mold, cracks, peeling, etc.)
  • Condition of roof features (chimney, flashing, skylights, gutters, fascia, etc.)
  • Roof valley and peak inspections
  • Inspection of roof ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Heat loss

Upon completion, we will provide a full report covering the condition of your roof.

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