Asphalt shingle roofs typically last 15 to 20 years. This is a long time for roofing materials, but not that long when compared to alternatives. To get the most out of your roof maintenance, you must care for your roof. Doing so will help you prolong the life of your asphalt shingle roof.

These roof maintenance tips can be done on your own, or you can always hire a professional such as Expert Roofing & Remodeling. Our team can help you perform minor repairs, partial replacements, major replacements, and so much more. To get more out of your roof, check out our Complete Guide to Asphalt Roof Shingles as well.

Be sure to take advantage of our expertise or follow the roof maintenance tips we have outlined below for the best results:

Regular Inspections

At Expert Roofing & Remodeling, we recommend you have your roof inspected twice a year. These inspections can be performed independently, but we recommend at least one by a professional roofing contractor. For your personal inspections, start inside the attic. Look for moisture, mold, or light peeking through holes. These are signs of a roof leak or damage to the roof.

The rest of your inspection should be performed from the ground. We do not recommend getting on top of your roof unless you have experience being on roofs. You should never get on the roof if it’s wet or windy. These conditions make your roof extremely dangerous. While inspecting your roof outside, look for damaged shingles, flashing, corrosion, mold, and other signs of damage. These are signs that your roof needs a professional’s eye and should be immediately dealt with.

Clear and Clean Your Roof

Debris such as leaves and branches on your roof can drastically affect your asphalt shingle roof. It would help if you cleared this debris from your roof whenever possible for the best roof maintenance. Doing so will help prevent your gutters from getting clogged and prevent moisture buildup. Moisture is the biggest threat to your asphalt roof.

Some homeowners like to pressure wash their roof, DO NOT DO THIS! Pressure washing an asphalt shingle roof will loosen shingles and remove granules. This speeds up their rate of deterioration and reduces their protective qualities. Instead, using a simple garden hose with the spray nozzle is best suited for washing off any debris from your roof.

Roof Maintenance: Clear debris from roof

Seek Roof Repairs ASAP

In the event you need a roof repair, we highly recommend contacting our team right away. If roof repairs go unnoticed or unattended for some time, they can cause serious damage to your home and the rest of the roof. Water damage is the most serious type of damage you can experience. This can lead to water damage in your chimney, walls, ceilings, and more!

When your roof requires repair, contact our team right away. We will prevent further damage to your home and roof. We also prevent water damage from creeping into the rest of your home. Roof leaks can go unnoticed in most cases, which is why a professional inspection is a must!

Roof Maintenace by Professionals

As you can see, there are a handful of roof maintenance tips you can handle yourself or do to increase the life of your asphalt shingle roof. However, the best way to care for your roof is to have the professionals inspect and perform repairs regularly. Give Expert Roofing & Remodeling a call today at (469) 809-6160. You may also visit our contact page to fill out the form.

We are happy to work with the Greater Dallas area residents on their asphalt shingle roofs. Learn more about our roofing services by visiting our services page. When speaking with us, ask us about a free estimate or to schedule an appointment to learn more about our services!