Exterior Home Remodeling

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, a siding replacement project will recoup 77% of the home’s costs upon resale, while a new roof would recoup 71.1% of the cost. As you can see, exterior home remodeling is just as important as the interior.

In some cases, it may be greater. This is especially true when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. If buyers can’t fall in love with your home from the outside, how does that bode for the interior? For these reasons, Expert Roofing & Remodeling strives to help homeowners complete their next exterior home remodeling projects.

Our Exterior Home Remodeling Services

There are many methods to improve your home’s beauty and value, many of which we complete for you. Expert Roofing & Remodeling is dedicated to helping you complete your exterior home remodeling projects. A professional contractor is capable of completing the project faster and more efficiently than you could do yourself. 

Plus, not all exterior home remodeling projects are safe for DIYers. It is important for you to recognize potential problems on a worksite while also knowing the industry methods of completing such projects. That is where our team of experts comes in to assist. Below, you will find the types of exterior home remodeling projects we can complete for you.

Siding Repairs, Replacement, and Installation: Whether you already have siding or you want to make the switch, our team of experts has years of experience handling siding renovations. We have the resources and team of experts to complete minor repairs, complete replacements, or help you make the switch to the siding on the outside of your home.

Roof Replacement, Repairs, and Installation: One of the greatest exterior home remodeling investments you can make is a roof replacement. With expert Dallas roofers at your side, you can expect to get the most out of your new roof. Of course, we can also help you repair a roof leak or install completely new roof decking. No matter what the case, you can rest easy knowing leading Dallas roofers are on the job.

Window Replacement and Installation: Outdated windows and a lack of windows can affect your home’s beauty and value. By updating your windows to newer models or changing their shapes, you can improve your home’s curb appeal. Sometimes changing the shape of your window will even improve the interior spaces with more natural sunlight and an improved style.

House Skirting: Skirting is considered the siding outside of your home that sits below the flooring. House skirting may creep up higher, but typically no more than a few feet. Skirting is a way to add texture to your home, whether it be stone or brick. With the right colors and combination of materials, your home’s primary siding and skirt can complement each other extremely well. Overall, house skirting is a great way to improve curb appeal and add some dimensions to your home’s facade.

Exterior House Painting: Finally, paint goes a long way in improving the beauty of a home. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint on your siding will give it the pop it needs to stand out amongst your neighbors. As your siding ages, the paint will chip and peel. Eventually, these qualities become noticeable from the street. Consider our exterior house painting services from our exterior home remodeling projects.

Free Estimate For Your Exterior Home Remodeling Project

Expert Roofing & Remodeling offers a versatile list of exterior home remodeling services for our clients. When you are looking to improve the beauty of your home, give us a call for a free estimate for your exterior home remodeling projects. You may also fill out the contact form to reach our team of experts. Be sure to visit each of the respective service pages listed above. There, you can find more information about what we can do for your home.

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