Roof repairs are not the only way to maintain a roof. An inspection is also integral to determining the roof’s condition. Expert Roofing and Remodeling provides this service if you are looking for roof inspection professionals.

We are available to conduct a roof inspection whenever you need us. Our professional yearly examination can help you find damages before they become costly repairs. Once you hire our team of experts, you’ll get the following roof inspection services:

What Is the Roofing Material?

House roofs are made of various materials. Their variety is why you need to hire a professional to inspect the roof. The material can be metal, composite, tin, asphalt, or rubber. The professionals would inspect the lifespan and current condition of the roof based on the materials.

How Old is the Roof?

Most houses do not deteriorate for at least a few decades. The same goes for the roofs of these houses! You can expect an average lifespan of five decades, but eventually, the roof will have to be replaced. The roof inspector will determine the roof’s condition during the inspection after learning about its age. Make sure to provide the correct number so they can determine the right course of action!

Is There Mold Growth?

If a roof inspection does not involve the determination of mold or mildew growth, the inspection is not complete. Our professionals always include this step in their work to provide a detailed report to the homeowner. Once you have it, you can get the roof repaired accordingly.

What about Leaks or Water Damage?

Roofs are bound to get damaged by weather conditions or leaking pipes. Attics have water stains, and upstairs rooms face water seeping through the ceiling if the roof remains damaged for a long time. Therefore, roof inspection at least twice a year is necessary! The professional inspector can examine the roof thoroughly and provide details on how soon you need to get a maintenance team at your house.

Homeowner Calling Roof Inspector due to Roof Leak

Are There Any Damaged or Missing Shingles?

Another reason a homeowner would get their residential roof repaired is the damage to the shingles. If you haven’t gotten a roof inspection in a few years, you’d have some damage to the roof shingles due to the changing weather conditions and other external factors. Once the shingle damage is caught, you can get them repaired quickly before leading to a bigger problem.

Is There Any Sagging Due to Water Damage?

When a roof inspection officer finds the roof sagging a little, they can conclude that water damage has caused it. The roof is the first place where sagging occurs if water damage from outside has made it happen. The sunken roof will put pressure on the interior ceilings, making cracks appear on the inner side of the house walls. Your roof inspector will assess the sagged roof and advise based on the damage.

Get in Touch with Expert Roofing and Remodeling for Roof Inspection!

As a homeowner, you’ll be making a great decision if you choose to hire a professional roof inspector. They will check the roof by following the company’s standard protocols. For Expert Roofing and Remodeling, our roof inspection includes the state of shingles, damage to the gutters, missing shingles, damaged vent boots, mold and/or moss growth, and more.

Our professionals will take less than an hour to complete a thorough inspection and give you the report pertaining to your roof’s current state. If you are in need of a roof inspection, give us a call at (469) 809-6160. We are available to provide annual professional roof inspections and make your life easier before the weather changes! To learn more about caring for your roof, visit our Complete Guide to Asphalt Roof Shingles.