Knowing how to maintain hardwood floors is essential in prolonging their life. Hardwood flooring is an exceptional choice for any home because of its many species and finishes. No matter what style of home you have, there is a hardwood floor for you. The durability of hardwood is also higher than other types of flooring since it can last up to 50 years.

Even though hardwood is the choice for many, it is important to know how to care for it. Without the proper care and maintenance, your hardwood flooring will age faster than most. For this reason, our team has outlined a handful of tips on how to maintain hardwood floors. Follow the tips we have listed below to get the most of your flooring.

Prevent Tracking in Moisture

The greatest enemy of hardwood flooring is water or moisture. This is the reason many avoid hardwood flooring in their kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Since water is common in each of these rooms, caring for the floors would be exceptionally difficult. For the rest of the house, there are ways you can prevent water from getting tracked inside.

To prevent tracking moisture into the house, set up an area near the door for shoes to go. Include a floor mat for people to wipe their feet and add a place for their shoes to sit until dry. Dallas doesn’t see snow often, but this will help reduce snow and ice from getting into the house when it does.

When rain is not as common outside, keep a towel near the entryway in case rain does decide to show up unexpectedly.

Mud Room

Prevent Scratches and Scuffs

Hardwood flooring can easily scratch or scuff with the wrong shoes. Asking guests to take off their shoes before entering will help minimize those unsightly marks. The shoes that are well known for creating these types of marks include heels and cleats. Check these shoes at the door so you can help reduce the scratches and scuff marks on your flooring.

Furniture is another common cause of marks on your flooring. Be sure to use protectors at the bottom of your furniture to protect the hardwood. You can also add rugs in areas that may need more protection.

Everyday Cleaning

Knowing how to maintain hardwood floors on an everyday basis will help you keep them clean throughout the day and help keep them healthy through the years. For everyday cleaning, use a broom or dust mop to get rid of any hair, dust, or dander collected. A mop treated with a dusting agent will also be a great choice. You may even consider vacuuming weekly. These items are perfect for everyday cleaning of your hardwood floors.

how to maintain hardwood floors on a daily basis

Mopping Hardwood Floors

Everyday cleaning is not always enough to improve the beauty of your hardwood. In cases where you need a deeper clean, mopping is a better option. However, you must mop correctly to prevent water from soaking into the wood and causing damage.

To mop your hardwood floors, purchase a wood floor mop and a wood floor cleaner. These are specifically designed to care for your hardwood flooring. When using the mop, make sure to wring as much water out as possible. The mop should be damp but not dripping with water. From there, you can damp-mop the floor. Be ready with a washcloth for any standing water. You will want to dry it as soon as possible. You can use the AC or fan to speed up the process of drying.

Know How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

As you can see, knowing how to maintain hardwood floors can help you keep your floors looking pristine and lasting longer. Expert Roofing & Remodeling is dedicated to helping homeowners care for their homes in the best ways possible. We also encourage clients to contact our team when looking to upgrade their floors or remodel their homes. As expert remodeling contractors, we can help you tie it all together with the right flooring.

We know more than just how to maintain hardwood floors. Give our team a call today at (469) 924-8889 or visit our contact page to fill out the form. You may also visit our flooring page to learn more about the types of floors we can install and which might suit you more.