Drywalls have several benefits, such as their fire resistance and insulation properties. So, if you’ve chosen this materials type for your home remodeling or renovation process, we’d say you’re already going in the right direction. However, when it comes down to drywall installation, there are several drywall types for you to have your pick and make a final decision based on your needs, requirements, and budgetary restraints. Most remodeling contractors can provide property owners with options that best fit their meets. However, it’s better to conduct your research and gather essential information to know what they are talking about. For this reason and to make it easier for homeowners, we’ve compiled a list of efficient drywall options available.

Drywall Installation: Which One to Choose?

Choosing one option for drywall installation will require you to evaluate your needs and budget. However, you don’t have to stick with one option as you can choose different drywall for bathrooms and another one for the bedroom, depending on which qualities and benefits you think will be appropriate for the rooms. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options available:

1. White Board Drywall

Whiteboard drywalls are the regular drywalls that are extremely popular in Texas due to their economical rates, availability, and easy installation process. They are available in various sizes and are typically brown on one side and white on the other. The material used also makes the drywall repair relatively easier and cost-efficient. You’ll easily find 4 by 8-foot panels with a thickness of 3/8″ to 1″.

2. Blue Board Drywall

Plaster baseboard, aka blue board drywall, is popular due to its absorption qualities and is typically used for veneer plastering. Property owners typically use this drywall for bathrooms because it’s mold and water-resistant with significant noise reduction. While there are fewer steps involved in drywall installation, this material does not go well with tape, paint, or mud.

3. Green Board Drywall

Green board drywall, like the regular and blue board drywall, presents significant water-resistance benefits for homeowners. However, it’s pertinent to mention that this drywall type is more premium-priced than the other two options. It’s also important to note that this material is not water-proof and should not be used in bathrooms as the primary drywall material. Some property owners prefer green board drywalls as a tile-backer in all wet areas, including the bathroom and laundry rooms.

Drywall Installation for Home Remodel

4. Purple Drywall

Purple drywalls present even better mold and moisture resistant qualities than the drywalls types previously mentioned. However, you can also expect a spike in price rates when you’re considering purple drywall installation. It’s suitable for all walls and ceilings of the property, especially those areas where water and moisture are mostly present.

5. Paperless Drywall

Resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, paperless drywalls have replaced paper drywalls. It has replaced paper with fiberglass materials, making this drywall even sturdier than the other ones we’ve mentioned. Additionally, this type makes the drywall installation process simpler for professionals as they find it relatively easier to cut.

6. Sound Proof Drywall

Soundproof drywall is laminated with a mixture of materials, including gypsum, wood fibers, and polymers. These materials significantly increase the sound transmission class or STC of the drywall. If you have silent rooms or areas where noise is a constant problem, you can consider installing this type. However, it would help if you remembered that it’s harder to cut and thus requires qualified experts for the drywall installation.

7. Type X Drywall

Type X drywall has earned its place in the market due to its fire-resistance and noise-canceling properties. It’s available in several sizes and thicknesses but is harder to cut and install. The materials involved in this drywall type include non-combustible fibers, and this type can be layered for enhanced fire and noise resistance.

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