Back in the early days, people never really cared for the aesthetics or the technology that went into their bathrooms. Nowadays, bathrooms are one of the focal points of your home, especially your master bathroom. As such, it is crucial that when performing a master bathroom remodel you focus just as much on the features that go into what makes it great.

Must-Have Master Bathroom Remodel Features

Listed below are some of the most convenience-focused and practical features that any modern master bathroom remodel needs. We also recommend you research master bathroom remodel ideas for more inspiration on your existing vision.

1. Heated Floor

Waking up in the morning and stepping onto a cold bathroom tile can be one of the most uncomfortable and displeasing feelings in the world, even more so on a chilly winter morning. This makes having a heated tile floor an absolute delight, warming up your toes and blessing you with that toasty wholesome feeling that makes you never want to leave your bathroom again.

Additionally, a thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the floor so that you can program it to the perfect temperature according to your preference.

2. Heated Towel Rack

Stepping out of a steaming hot shower, you reach for the towel, but you find that the cold winter air lingering in the bathroom has cooled up the towel. Drying off yourself with this cold towel can be incredibly discomforting.

Heated Towel Rack for Master Bathroom Remodel

Having a heated towel rack in your bathroom means having warm, toasty towels within your arm’s reach. Moreover, the heated rails of the towel rack will also help dry off your towels more quickly, so no more having to wait for ages to get a dry towel.

3. Steam Shower or Sauna

There are countless benefits of taking steam showers or soaking yourself in a hot damp sauna, such as better skin, reduced stress, and more. This makes having a steam shower or sauna a terrific addition to your master bathroom, even during the warm weather. A sauna for two won’t take up much room, and while they appear to be a high-end luxury item, the cost of installation is likely to be less than you expect.

4. Defoggers for Your Bathroom Mirrors

When you’re in a rush, it may appear that clearing the moisture from a hot shower condensed on your bathroom mirrors is taking ages. Integrating a defogger into your mirrors can speed up the process without humbling the aesthetics of your bathroom mirrors. Most defoggers are just the size of a thin film that you can attach to the back of your mirror. The thin and narrow profile of most defoggers makes it so that you won’t even notice that they are there.

Defogging Mirrors for Master Bathroom Remodel

5. Smart Faucet with Integrated Soap Dispenser

Smart faucets, also known as touchless faucets as they require no physical interaction, are prime examples of peak convenience. The sensors in this faucet sense the presence of your hand beneath the water outlet and automatically dispense some liquid soap followed by turning on the water. This means that you don’t even have to lay a finger on the faucet, not even once!

While some people may argue that it is just a gimmick, the convenience and practicality of this technology are unmatched, even more so during the ongoing pandemic. Once you get used to washing your hands the touchless way, you’ll never want to go back.

Initially, these faucets were limited only to public restrooms. However, that is no longer the case with a great number of prominent bathroom faucet manufacturers including these products in their lineup. Touchless faucets with led illumination can also add a tone of sophistication and sleekness to your master bathroom, notching up its aesthetics.

Upgrade With a Master Bathroom Remodel

The must-have master bathroom remodel features listed above will most certainly revamp the theme, aesthetic, and comfort of your bathroom. Expert Roofing & Remodeling has been serving the remodeling industry for many years now and has acquired the skills, experience, and expertise to execute a timely job while upholding the highest possible standards of quality. To get your remodeling started, call us now at (469) 809-6160. We can provide you with a free estimate to start your project off on the right foot!