Back in the day, walls were built using plaster, stone, or wood. If there were any cracks or broken sections, it would take years before anyone would get around to repairing them. However, drywall does not have this problem. It is a great product that comes in manageable foot sheet sizes. You can easily lift them, install them, and hire a drywall repair expert to fix them if there’s any problem.

However, people often get confused about determining the right time to repair drywall and install a new one. There are many reasons to install a new one, but what are the reasons to repair drywall and spare yourself some installation charges?

When Do You Need to Repair Drywall?

Drywalls are easy to install and repair, but they also get easily damaged. You can put a hole in the drywall while moving a heavy object, or your pet or kid uses the drywall as their plaything, and the poor wall has to take the beating. Water damage can also cause problems for the drywall as the water gets soaked into it.

There could also be some foundational issues when the house shifts that can add some cracks to the walls. Even though drywall is strong, it’s eventually going to give out. And that’s when you’ll need to get the drywall repaired!

When to Hire a Drywall Repair Expert

Following are some reasons to hire a drywall repair expert:

1. Plumbing Issues

One of the major reasons for looking for a drywall repair expert is the damage caused by plumbing problems. Leaking pipes tend to weaken the structural integrity of the property over time. But the damage can be visible if it reaches the drywall. Even if it’s not visible, you can feel and smell the moisture in the drywall that eventually leads to cracks and loosened joint tape.

2. Cracks

Cracks often appear on the ceilings, but drywall can also face this issue. It could be due to water damage or the aftereffect of a house settling. Whatever the reason, you cannot ignore the cracks as they can become an expensive repair job later. You can hire a drywall repair expert to look at it as soon as you notice the cracks and provide an estimate for the task.

Drywall Installation and Repair for damage

3. Popping Nails

If the lumber used for the structure had moisture, it could lead to the studs shifting or twisting once the wood dries. As that happens, nails can pop out through the walls that aren’t secure to the stud. It can be dangerous to leave the nails in that condition or try a DIY method to tackle it yourself. The safer way to do it is to hire a drywall repair expert and let them handle the problem.

4. Holes

Drywall can have holes easily, but it’s never intentional. Most of the time, people end up slamming the door open and leaving a hole in the wall. So, holes are not a big deal compared to other drywall repair issues, but they need to be addressed. You should hire an expert to patch and repair the holes as soon as possible to not lead to drywall cracking.

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You might think that drywall repair is a DIY job because there is not much to do, and you want to save money. Our specialists at Expert Roofing and Remodeling suggest otherwise!

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