Metal roofing is becoming one of the most sought-after roofing choices in the Texas area. With its aesthetically pleasing design and energy efficiency, it’s quickly becoming a popular choice. The choice is yours to choose from aluminum or copper metal roofing. You can further customize these material types for your metal roofing by choosing the panel types, which include corrugated metal, standing seam, metal shingle, metal slate, metal tile, and metal shake. Each of these has its own aesthetic qualities that make them appealing to many homeowners. 

Metal Roofing Types

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All of this probably looks and sounds good, but before you buy, it’s important to be thorough and make sure this is the right roofing option for you. Roofing is a long-term investment and sticks around for a long time. Here are the top four pros and cons of metal roofing.


Energy Efficiency

Perhaps surprisingly, metal roofing is incredibly energy efficient. The coating on the roof is prone to reflect the sunlight that hits it. The Metal Roofing Alliance states that this material can save homeowners up to 40% in energy costs, not to mention a 25% reduction in cooling costs for your home. This makes metal roofing incredibly desirable, especially in the hot summer months in the Greater Dallas area. 

Durability During Extreme Weather

With a properly installed metal roof, your new roof will be immune to wind damage. A metal roof can withstand 140-mile-per-hour wind gusts, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. During wildfires, metal roofs hold their own. Sparks flying from nearby fires bounce off the metal, and most insurance companies are partial to discounting homes with metal roofing. The seals on metal roofs keep water out, and snow will slide off the roof due to the reflection of the sun. 


Compared to the more popular asphalt shingles that are common in Texas, metal roofs can last anywhere from 20-50 years, according to American Family Insurance. Asphalt shingles last 12-20 years in comparison and will begin to break down over time due to weather. 


Metal roofing is incredibly attractive. As mentioned before, other roofing options tend to degrade over time. But metal roofing lasts decades while maintaining its look from when it was first installed. If the look of standing seams isn’t your style, there are metal shingles, tiles, and slates that look like traditional roof types. The customizability is endless, and the color choices are rangeless. 

Metal Roofing House



The investment in a metal roof is not one to shirk off. Metal roofs are considered to be a premium product due to the special care taken to construct and fashion the roof to your home. Because of this, it can cost two to three times more than the more common asphalt shingles. But it’s crucial to keep in mind the cost-saving benefits, such as longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. 


During rain or hail storms, metal roofing can be known to make more sound than other roofs. However, the intentional grooves and bends of metal roofs ensure noise levels are never rowdy. Steps are taken to ensure noise sensitivity isn’t a problem. More often than not, if you’re experiencing a lot of noise due to your new metal roof, it can likely be attributed to attic insulation. 


This is a minor one. Metal roofing is specially tailored to your home and design specifications, but water accumulation is possible. Though it’s not common, water pooling can occur after a rainstorm. This can only be due to poor installation, as State Farm suggests. It’s important to ensure this does not occur as it can lead to rusting in certain climates if certain metals are used. 

Color Matching

Years down the line when it comes time to repair your roof, it can be hard to find the same color used previously. If possible, try to keep the information about your roof installation handy so roofing contractors can do their best to color match or even find the original color. 

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