You may think there are only a handful of parts to your roof. However, you would be mistaken to think the only thing protecting your home is asphalt shingles. In fact, your asphalt shingles are just one of many parts designed to protect your home from the wind, rain, and heat. There are also many types of flashing assisting in your home’s protection.

The many types of flashing are some of the most important parts of your roof. There are many different types of flashing on your roof; many of them keep the weakest points of your roof protected. Knowing the different types of flashing can help you understand your roofing system better. In turn, you’ll feel more comfortable about your next roofing project.

What is Roof Flashing?

Before we dive into the types of flashing on your roof, it is essential you know what roof flashing is and does. Roof flashing reinforces and protects the seams of your roof. Seams are the weakest point of your roof because they can become compromised from moisture penetration. Flashing adds an additional and stronger layer to the seam, further protecting the seam.

Flashing is typically made of metal such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or lead. Other materials may also be used, such as plastic or composite materials. Metal is the most durable and effective material for flashing as plastic can degrade faster.

Types of Roof Flashing

Now that you know what flashing is and how it helps you, you can learn about the types of flashing on your roof!

1. Drip Edge Flashing

The section of the roof that overhangs is known as the eaves. You have a drip edge at the edge of the eave that diverts water away from the edge and toward the gutter. If your gutters ever fill up from a clog or torrential rain, the drip edge flashing keeps water from entering underneath the shingles.

Without a drip edge, water can make its way underneath the shingles and into the siding of the house. The fascia will start to degrade first before it moves towards your decking and finally the walls of your home. In order to avoid these costly damages, ensure your drip edges are effective.

Drip Edge Types of Flashing

2. Valley Roof Flashing

This type of flashing is one you won’t see because it sits underneath your asphalt shingles. The valley of your roof is where two peaks meet. As it rains, your valley will collect water and send it toward the gutter. For this reason, it needs an added layer of protection known as valley roof flashing.

Before asphalt shingles are installed on your roof, a felt or synthetic underlayment is applied to the decking. The flashing is installed on top of the underlayment at the valley, and then the shingles are installed. The valley flashing zig-zags like a W down the valley to keep it protected from future rain.

Valley Roof Types of Flashing

3. Vent Pipe Flashing

Your roof requires proper ventilation, which is why vent pipes can be found across it. At the base of the vent pipes, you can find the flashing. Vent pipe flashing is also known as a boot. The purpose of the boot is to keep the seams of the pipe protected from moisture. The flashing or boot should be snuggly fitted around the base of the pipe for the right protection.

Vent Pipe Types of Flashing

4. Step Roof Flashing

Step roof flashing is found around chimneys and skylights. It is installed with overlapping seams and fits underneath each shingle as they move down the roof. The purpose of this flashing is to help water continue to move past the seam without intrusion. When water enters seams around the chimney or skylight, detrimental effects can occur.

Step Roof Types of Flashing

Damaged or Missing Flashing

Do you have any damaged or missing types of flashing? Expert Roofing & Remodeling can assist you in replacing or repairing them. We offer comprehensive roofing services for all types of flashing and asphalt shingle roofs. Give our team a call today at (469) 809-6160, or visit our free estimate page to fill out the form. We’ll discuss the details of your roofing project, including the types of flashing you may need replaced or repaired!