Determining what types of windows in Dallas are right for your home can be difficult. You have almost an entirely unlimited amount of options when it comes to windows. They come with all sorts of designs, features, panes, colors, and more. These aspects of windows in Dallas are things you must consider when choosing a type of window for your home.

Expert Roofing & Remodeling can help you determine what windows in Dallas are best suited for your home. We have expert window contractors and installers who can assist you with your decisions. Of course, we have also listed a handful of window types best suited for the Dallas climate below.

1. Single or Double-Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows are standard types of windows in Dallas and all over the United States. Single-hung windows are where the bottom window panel moves up and down while the top remains in place. Double-hung windows allow for both window panels to move. These types of windows are more expensive than single-hung windows but offer more maneuverability for homeowners.

Single and double-hung windows offer can also include a number of features such as double or triple-pane options. Triple pane glass windows are better for keeping sound out of your home since they are often thicker. Double pane windows are the standard, so you can keep costs down by choosing this feature.

Single-Hung Windows in Dallas

Choosing between these types of windows in Dallas will come down to your budget. The most common types of windows installed among homeowners include double-hung windows. This is due to their easier maintenance and care. That said, you will need to consider the larger price tag when choosing them.

2. Awning Windows

Ideal for rainy climates, awning windows make a great addition to any home in Dallas. Awning windows in Dallas would serve to be a perfect choice on days the weather is just right. Awning windows open up from the bottom, so they create a lean-to for the rain to run off.

We recommend these types of windows in Dallas because of how perfect they are for your kitchen or living space. Opening them up when the temperature is cooler than normal will help you naturally cool your home rather than running the air conditioning.

3. Picture Windows

Make a statement in your living room or den with a picture window. Picture windows in Dallas are a great way to draw in a lot of natural light. We recommend installing these when you have a nice view to look at, such as a large backyard or front yard. Picture windows are fixed, so they cannot open. Dallas has all sorts of places where a picture window would be suitable.

The price of your picture window will come down to the size of the window you install. Larger picture windows can surpass $700, while smaller ones can cost $250. Let Expert Roofing & Remodeling help determine which sizes of windows in Dallas are best suited for your home.

Example of Picture Window

4. Storm Windows

Dallas can see thunderstorms throughout the entire year, making storm windows a great choice. Storm windows are a type of exterior window that installs the same way as an interior window. They offer greater protection from wind and potential hail. They also offer greater insulation than other windows. When cold or hot weather begins, you can keep your temperature-controlled air inside your home for longer.

Replace Your Windows in Dallas

Choose to upgrade your old windows using our expert installation services. Our window installers will help you elevate your home’s beauty and value to a new level. When you need to replace your windows in Dallas, our team is here for you. Give us a call at (469) 924-8889 or contact us using the form. We can offer you a free estimate that will help you determine which types of windows are right for your home. You should also visit our window installation page to learn more about what we can do.